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Scam Alert

We are aware they exist, also we are equally aware of unscrupulous activity that has taken place recently to solicit advance fees and documentation in relation to non-existing jobs. The advertisements in the form of emails or posted job websites will often say that upon payment of a fee you will be assured of employment within our company. Please note that we will never ask you for a fee at any point during our recruitment process. Never respond to or become involved in any such request, no matter how attractive the employment offer may seem. Do not give out your personal information or bank account details. You can report details of any suspected scams to Please be advised that is the only official website of the company. Any other website with a similar name does not belong to Hydrodam Nigeria Limited and may be an attempt to mislead the general public. We dissociate ourselves entirely from any of these fraudulent or illegal activities, or any information and material contained in these emails and websites.


"I have been using Hydrodam for my marine projects for the past two years and have always been completely satisfied."
Oni Emmanuel,

"Letter is intended to express our appreciation for the dedicated efforts, the hard work and the outstanding quality of services provided by the project team of Hydrodam Nigeria Limited, in the works civil enigeering your earthmoving equipments have never failed us."
First Floor Concepts

"We are impressed at your quality services rendered each time we need your equipment, overtime hiring of tugboat have been of a great concern to us, but you help in solving it, thanks Hydrodam."
Treasure Medal Limited