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Here are the services we offer

ENGINEERING SERVICES (Pipeline Maintenance)

Hydrodam have a wide range of engineering services starting from;
- Oil pipeline Integrity protection (Clock spring, Strong Back and Retro-rap)
- Construction of Coffer dam for pipeline repair in swamp area.
- Pipeline Re-Coating (Asphalt, Coater, Polyken Primer/Tape)
- Clamping of Leak Pipe.
- Repair of riser clan on oil rig installation.
- Construction of API Skimmer.
- Corrosion control on oil installations.


- Emergency Oil Spill response.
- Remediation of Oil spill Polluted site.
- Land Reclamation.
- Environmental impact assessment.
- Monitoring of effluent discharged.
- Cleaning of Oil installation equipment with Rig wash/ Bio- degreaser.
- Cleaning of Tank's / Sludge dislodgement.
- Environmental auditing.

At Hydrodam Nigeria Limited collaboration with our new and existing clients across the world is of a high priority, to keep abreast our quality services.