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About Hydrodam Group Of Companies

HYDRODAM GROUP OF COMPANIES, is an independent Total Marine Logistic Firm, Contruction, Engineering and Consultancy established in 1990, as a wholly owned subsidiary of HYDRODAM GROUP OF COMPANIES a holding company with investments in Marine, Environmental Engineering and Logistics Services. We currently has 4 subsidiaries ( Abred International Limited, Miese - Matt Nigeria Limited, Kaparthy Engineering & Construction Ltd and Hydrodam Nigeria Limited) with total staff strength of over 120. HYDRODAM GROUP is backed up with good operational infrastructures and facilities comprising of various workshops (Well equipped with services/machines/tools) industrial clinic cloakrooms, canteen and efficient open space for storage/working packing and private water and power supply.
HYDRODAM GROUP has a wide range of facilities that put the company in front role of modern business, starting from good office accommodation with complete range of office equipment and gadgets and other facilities for logistics and prompt response to calls in order to timely solve client's problems.

Our Vision

The vision of the company is to become within the shortest possible time, through prudent management of its resources (via manpower, machines and finance) a prime company that provides full logistics, integrated environmental and engineering services to its esteemed customers hence giving them value for their money.

Why Choose Us


Quality is important, so HYDRODAM NIGERIA LIMITED upholds this factor in dealing with its clients/customer. By so doing the Company ensures that delivery time on goods and services are not compromised, competitive pricing is achieved. Integrity, courtesy and respect are part of the company's customs and traditions. The company also ensures that the quality of its products/services meet its clients/customers expectations.


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) takes full responsibility for the Company's finance and quality targets and objectives, and delegates responsibility to each operating location. The Company's management as represented by its offices recognizes its responsibility for fulfilling and promoting the highest standard of quality. The CEO is also responsible for CASHES (Community Affairs, Safety, Health, Environment and Security), development and maintaining appropriate systems procedures, programmes and plans to achieve the company's objectives.


The HYDRODAM cashes policy has been formulated to meet the statutory requirements laid down in law regarding the Health, safety and security of all its employees, and also takes account of the concerns, and the maintenance of good relationships with the Host Community. Line management is responsible for the implementation of this policy. Implementation of the company's HSE Policy means that:
- HSE are considered as a personal responsibility of all HYDRODAM Employees.
- Good relationships are maintained with the host Community.
- Hazards associated with activities are highlighted and safety measures to eliminate these have been implemented.
- The HSE Policy is made an inseparable part of the overall business management targets and is given equal attention as production, profit appraisal, training and education.
- Statutory Regulations are always obeyed.
- Health, Safety and security of employees and any other persons connected with HYDRODAM activities are guaranteed at all times.
- Environmental pollution is not created.
All HYDRODAM employees are required to perform their work in accordance with this policy. A job, which in the opinion of an employee cannot be executed in accordance with this policy, must be stopped and reported to management for resolution in accordance with this policy.
It is HYDRODAM moral responsibility to provide a place of employment which is free from recognized hazards. This Policy is the cornerstone of its HSE Manual, and is communicated openly and at every opportunity to clients, employees, vendors and subcontractors.
HYDRODAM NIGERIA LIMITED are committed to the protection of its resources, including employees and physical assets, against human distress and financial loss resulting from accidental occurrences.
In fulfilling this commitment, which is essential to and equally important as production objectives, we will provide and maintain a safe and healthful work Environment and protect the public against foreseeable hazards resulting from our operations.
Loss in productivity and property resulting from accidental occurrences can be controlled through good Management. Loss prevention is one aspect of this process and is the direct responsibility of line Management.
All management functions, including Business, line and associate Management, will comply with the Company Loss prevention requirements applicable to the design, operation and maintenance of facilities and equipment.
The company's philosophy is that, in the performance of its work, the Health, Safety and security of the people involved and the protection of assets and the environment are of primary concern. No job is so important that the company cannot take its time to do it safely and with due regard to the protection of the environment.
The company believes that accidents are caused and therefore, can be prevented. Safety, Loss Prevention and Environmental protection are the responsibility of each employee. Employee Safety performance and Environment awareness will be a major consideration in decisions affecting promotion, salary, and continued employment.


"I have been using Hydrodam for my marine projects for the past two years and have always been completely satisfied."
Oni Emmanuel, www.cedarrangeltd.com

"Letter is intended to express our appreciation for the dedicated efforts, the hard work and the outstanding quality of services provided by the project team of Hydrodam Nigeria Limited, in the works civil enigeering your earthmoving equipments have never failed us."
First Floor Concepts

"We are impressed at your quality services rendered each time we need your equipment, overtime hiring of tugboat have been of a great concern to us, but you help in solving it, thanks Hydrodam."
Treasure Medal Limited